Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise APIs for OmniPCX platforms

The Alcatel-Lucent 4059EE attendant console is a professional attendant solution running on a standard PC. The 4059EE API allows an application to monitor the console’s activity and to initiate outgoing calls. features Request the 4059EE to dial a number through a CGI interface Retrieve real time call handling notifications . benefits The 4059EE will handle the request […]

The Alcatel-Lucent Hotel/Hospitality Link Interface (AHL) is a proprietary protocol for building a hospitality Property Management System (PMS). Guest services (do-not-disturb, wake-up, voice mail, etc.) and front-office services (check-in, check-out, room management, etc.) are accessed through a serial or Ethernet link. features Handles guest arrivals and departures Manages wake-up calls and guest voice mail Dynamic suite configuration […]

The API for Alcatel-Lucent alarming notifications and location provides a powerful set of features on Open Touch, OmniPCX Enterprise & Office allowing to implement an Alarm Server especially when matching requirements of lone worker protection. Such features might be offered via TDM trunks (T2/T0) or IP Trunks (H323, SIP). FEATURES for 400/500/8242 DECT Supports several alarms triggers: […]

The Contact Center Telephony Integration API, based on Contact Center Agent (CCA), provides a set of high-level development tools for the integration of business applications in a desktop contact center. Functions include: OLE Server – CCA features an OLE server that allows other applications to use CCA information or execute telephony functions DDE Interface – A Dynamic […]

The Call Details Report (CDR) interface is a proprietary protocol for creating billing applications. Tickets containing detailed call information (e.g., calling number, called number, call, duration, etc.) can be used by a third-party application to generate all types of reports. features Provides extended and reduced tickets Generates new tickets for each new call benefits External third-party application […]

The Computer Supported Telecommunications Applications (CSTA) is a standardized ECMA protocol that enables third-party applications to control all OmniPCX Enterprise devices. The CSTA protocol enables information exchanges to initiate services: monitor and control calls and devices; set and query features; route calls; send and receive data. FEATURES Supports CSTA Phase 1 and 2: Switching function services (answer […]

The InfoCenter Interface is a protocol used by a third-party application to retrieve data about OmniPCX Enterprise users and to update users’ status. These data are very useful for attendants’ daily activities, and include: reason for absence, phone book updates, forward and do-not-disturb requests, etc. InfoCenter messages are available over a TCP/IP or serial connection. features Manages […]

IP Touch Services enable an application to interact with users of OmniPCX communication servers through the users’ IP Touch terminals. The application can take control of the IP Touch terminal to build screens and collect user actions. Screen control is granted when a user activates an application on his terminal. Even if the user has not activated […]

A REST based API has been introduced that is replacing the SOAP API. This REST API offers comprehensive methods to system configurations, actions to be performed over live calls and call search functionality. A license is associated with this API which is a concurrent license. Please note that this API is NOT a replacement for the OmniPCXRecord […]

The OmniVista 8770 Accounting and VoIP Ticket Collector is a powerful interface for collecting OpenTouch, OmniPCX Enterprise and OmniPCX Office Call Detailed Records (CDR) for provision to third-party applications. The Ticket Collector application is integrated and runs on the OmniVista 8770 server from 1.2. The interface can: Periodically connect to OpenTouch and OmniPCX systems Retrieve the accounting […]