Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise APIs for OmniPCX platforms

OmniVista 8770 User Provisioning

The OmniVista 8770 User provisioning API enables third party applications to provision OmniPCX Enterprise and OpenTouch from 2.0 users and devices. It can be used for example by end-users to create easily OmniPCX Enterprise and OpenTouch users from a management portal through commercial profiles. It is an option of OmniVista 8770.



  • CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) users
  • Creation through profiles
  • Associate/disassociate devices to OpenTouch™ users

Available for:

  • OmniPCX Enterprise from 6.0 users (with no SIP device)
  • OpenTouch™ (OpenTouch™ Business Edition, OpenTouch™ Multimedia Service, OpenTouch™ Message Center, OpenTouch™ Enterprise Cloud) from 2.0
  • 8002/8012 Desk phones, 8082 My IC Phone and OTCv PC devices to OpenTouch™ users Using Web Services (https)
  • Controlled by a license on OmniVista 8770 from 2.0


  • Unified interface for both OmniPCX Enterprise and OpenTouch™
  • Manages all the versions of OmniPCX Enterprise from 6.0
  • Simplify the users creation by using profiles
  • Stability of the Web services across systems versions
  • Always up to date and future proof, based on the OmniVista 8770 server Unified management