Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise APIs for OmniPCX platforms

TSAPI Premium Server – OXE

The Telephony Server Application Programming Interface (TSAPI) is based on the Novell TSAPI architecture and programming interface and integrates server-based telephony control with desktop (client) or server applications on enterprise-wide networks. TSAPI incorporates Computer Supported Telecommunications Applications (CSTA) telephony call control services, device monitoring services and query services.


  • Communications solutions in Windows or Linux environment
  • Compatible with all versions of OmniPCX Enterprise
  • Network support: one server per OmniPCX node
  • Multi-protocol support: ECMA/V1, ECMA/V2, CCA, IVR, etc.
  • Support for active recording features
  • Central administration by GUI
  • Support for all CSTA services and events


  • Real network-enabled application with centralized management and backup of servers distributed throughout the network
  • Designed for business and contact center environments
  • Transparent support for spatial redundancy for all clients
  • Includes a GUI-enabled client that simulates all services and displays all events/messages
  • Optimizes licenses by multiplexing CSTA requests
  • Rich feature set for developers: log, debug, client source code, etc.