Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise APIs for OmniPCX platforms

Recording interface – Active (OXE)

Active Recording interfaces were designed and developed on OmniPCX Enterprise to overcome the limitations of the Passive Recording interfaces. A call copy is provided to the voice recording system on its request, using one of two methods:

  • Dedicated Recording Link (TDM DR-Link), where the TDM recorder is connected to PCM boards
  • IP Dedicated Recording Link (IP DR-Link), where a direct RTP flow is established between IP phones and the VoIP recorder

Note: Only an overview of this API is available here. The detailed description of the API is available after a mandatory agreement for an AAPP certification (to be charged). Contact us  if needed.


  • The Omni PCX administrator can configure the system to prevent the recording of users
  • One or more optional beeps can be issued to notify the external party when recording
  • Full compatibility with OmniPCX network and branch survivability mode
  • Full support for recording of encrypted calls (IP DR-Link)
  • Can mix both recording methods on the same OmniPCX


  • Dedicated license control based on simultaneous recording channels (independent of declared/monitored extension to be recorded)
  • Less cabling needed and resources optimized compared to passive recording interfaces
  • Strong security and confidentiality
  • No restriction of telephony services due to recording
  • When using the TSAPI Premium Server, benefits include TSAPI reliability, with its transparent support for spatial redundancy for OXE, and CTI server backup