Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise APIs for OmniPCX platforms

Recording interface – Passive (OXE)

The OmniPCX platforms provide several methods for capturing voice by reusing existing interfaces. These passive methods do not require any action by the voice recording system:

  • Extension-side recording: taps the extension lines connecting the phones to the audio boards
  • Trunk-side recording: taps the trunk lines connecting the trunk boards to the PSTN
  • IP sniffing: sniffs (or mirrors) the IP networks


  • Extension-side recording is appropriate for recording a small number of digital or analog extensions
  • Trunk-side recording is appropriate for large systems, for all types of telephone sets that make incoming or outgoing calls over PSTN trunks
  • IP sniffingis appropriate for the operator console


  • Available for both the OmniPCX Office and Enterprise platforms
  • Several CTI links can be used (TSAPI Premium Server, Genesys T-Server, CDR), but are not mandatory