Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise APIs for OmniPCX platforms

Alarming, Notification & Location

The API for Alcatel-Lucent alarming notifications and location provides a powerful set of features on Open Touch, OmniPCX Enterprise & Office allowing to implement an Alarm Server especially when matching requirements of lone worker protection. Such features might be offered via TDM trunks (T2/T0) or IP Trunks (H323, SIP). 


for 400/500/8242 DECT
  • Supports several alarms triggers: Alarm button, Man down alarm, No movement, Shock
  • Supports several alarm input messages: Live calls, Key events calls, Emergency calls, Status calls
  • Allows location services by providing four strong base stations
  • Provides detailed information for handling handset states : charger in/out, ringing on/off, vibrator on/of, switched on/off
  • Provides additional information like PARI code, battery level
  • Supports several notification alarm levels: normal, urgent, very urgent, hands free forcing
  • Supports architecture with redundant notification sever


for 400/500/8242 DECT
  • Compatibility with Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX™ Enterprise (OXE) and OmniPCX™ Office platforms (OXO)
  • Compatibility with all third-party notification servers
  • Optimized emergency assistance thanks to location services
  • Attractive monitoring of all Radio Base Stations enabling notification of possible failures
  • Efficient protection of lone workers