Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise APIs for OmniPCX platforms

OHL Interface -OXO

The Office Hotel/Hospitality Link Interface is a proprietary, IP-based protocol used for building a hospitality Property Management System (PMS).

Built on the same protocol element as the well-known AHL for OmniPCX Enterprise, this interface enables Hospitality and Healthcare applications to benefit from all features of the OmniPCX Office.

In version R.50 and above, the new driver (called OLD, for Office Link Driver) adds call accounting functionality, which generates XML tickets.


  • Handles guest arrivals and departures
  • Manages wake-up calls and guest voice mail
  • Handles call billing
  • Verifies and tracks room status
  • Manages room services
  • Manages waiting messages


  • Dedicated OmniPCX telephony features for designing hospitality applications (hotel, hospitality, cruise chips, etc.)
  • Improves staff efficiency by directly managing all operations from the front office (check-in, room cleaning, etc.)
  • Enhances guest satisfaction by providing efficient telephony features from the guest set (hotel services, do not disturb, direct dial-in, wake-up, messages, etc.)
  • Improves cost control by managing call charging.