Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise APIs for OmniPCX platforms

A REST based API has been introduced that is replacing the SOAP API. This REST API offers comprehensive methods to system configurations, actions to be performed over live calls and call search functionality. A license is associated with this API which is a concurrent license. Please note that this API is NOT a replacement for the OmniPCXRecord […]

Active Recording interfaces were designed and developed on OmniPCX Enterprise to overcome the limitations of the Passive Recording interfaces. A call copy is provided to the voice recording system on its request, using one of two methods: Dedicated Recording Link (TDM DR-Link), where the TDM recorder is connected to PCM boards IP Dedicated Recording Link (IP DR-Link), […]

The OmniPCX platforms provide several methods for capturing voice by reusing existing interfaces. These passive methods do not require any action by the voice recording system: Extension-side recording: taps the extension lines connecting the phones to the audio boards Trunk-side recording: taps the trunk lines connecting the trunk boards to the PSTN IP sniffing: sniffs (or mirrors) […]