Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise APIs for OmniPCX platforms

Paging interface

The Paging Interface provides a powerful way to deliver calls with text messages to all types of terminals: TDM, IP, DECT, WiFi.

It is the core component for integrating an alarm or notification server.


Note: Only an overview of this API is available here. The detailed description of the API with source code samples are available after a mandatory agreement for an AAPP certification (to be charged). Contact us  if needed.


  • Sends text messages to all types of devices:
    • Mobile terminals (DECT, WiFi)
    • TDM: Reflex, 9 series
    • IP: 8 series
  • Acknowledges messages sent
  • Provides several different rings, depending on type of message
  • Stores messages on the device


  • Very simple interface that provides instant notification of system events to a mobile workforce
  • Enables messaging to any device