Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise APIs for OmniPCX platforms

Open Touch REST Web Services

The new OpenTouch REST Web Services are designed for OpenTouch and apply to both Connection and Conversation users. These REST Web Services are open interfaces that connect Alcatel-Lucent’s OpenTouch advanced multi-media conversation services to customer business applications. The REST technology simplifies development, deployment, upgrade and maintenance of applications. The number of services available through the REST Web Services will increase from release to release and are going to replace step by step the XML Web Services.


BASIC REST Web Services (OT_BasicTelephony)
These Web Services are available on OpenTouch for both Connection and Conversation users. They allow an application to control simple calls on the user’s devices.


  • Make call
  • Answer call
  • Release call


  • For all OpenTouch users
  • Permits implementation of simple click-to-call
  • These set of APIs can be enhanced with Advanced Telephony API

CONVERSATION REST Web Services (were called AdvancedTelephony Web Services before OT2.1)
These RESTfull Web Services are available on OpenTouch for both Connection and Conversation users. They offer to applications the possibility to manage for any OpenTouch user Instant Messaging and Audio sessions. Among the available functions, applications can send and receive Instant messages, make or get calls, add or drop participants, transfer calls, get user’s telephonic presence. Furthermore these Web Services offer control on user’s IM presence, ‘Mood Phrase,’ personal routing profiles, enhanced directory look-up, call logs 
User’s voice messages can also be managed, for recording and playing. 
With the notifications, an application is aware of any related action done by the user.


  • API Session management
  • Get information on users and devices (rights, status)
  • Basic single call handling
  • Management of multiple participants call or multiple calls
  • Management of multiple devices call
  • Miscellaneous telephony services
  • Events related to user, devices, conversations
  • Personal routing profiles management
  • Events related to routing management
  • Directory Search
  • Voice messages handling (recorder and player)
  • Events related to voice messaging


  • For all OpenTouch users
  • Third party call control, to manage communications for multiple users from a single point
  • Most of call handling and UC features available
  • Adapted to the needs of a large panel of business applications
  • REST technology : easy to maintain and upgrade
  • Part of a consistent set of APIs that will be continuously enriched