Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise APIs for OmniPCX platforms

MGS – Mobile Guest Softphone

Hotels can now allow guests to interact with their facilities via their own devices. it’s the new multimedia-over-IP (MMOIP) hotel-branded mobile application – working as an additional suite phone – enables rich communication services. It will allow guests to use their smart phones from the rooms or anywhere else in the hotel without having to pay extra roaming fees; and also to be contacted in any hotel space (i.e. gym, pool, etc.) as if they were in their suite.


The Mobile Guest Softphone makes all these possible via a combination of mobile application and gateway.
It thus provides a fully integrated communication experience, totally compliant with the OmniPCX Enterprise.

The Mobile Guest Softphone APIs include two libraries enabling the integration with the e-Concierge solution:

  • A REST JSON API, proposed by the Mobile Guest Softphone gateway to manage users and accesses to the communication resources shared with hotel applications (i.e. directory access for call by name)
  • A Native C++ API, delivered as a library to be embed in the hotel application client, it allows device registrations/deregistrations and multimedia-over-IP (MMoIP) call control


  • Mobile Guest Softphone gateway features
    • Guest creation and registration
    • Guest phone number retrieval
    • Guest deregistration and removal
    • Hotel speed dials management
  • Mobile Guest Softphone features
    • SIP device configuration
    • Guest registration/ deregistration
    • Call events and notifications management


  • Stand out from the competitionwith seamless access and around-the-clock availability to hotel services via hotel-branded mobile applications on guest devices
  • Allow guests to control their communications costs:
    • By allowing them to call hotel services or other guest rooms for freefrom their personal devices while inside the hotel wireless network
    • By enabling them to use hotel telephony services from their own devices for outside calls at local rates, rather than more expensive roaming services
  • Reach guests anywhere within the hotel wireless network, without needing their private mobile numbers
  • Create upsell opportunitiesby presenting hotel services on guest mobile applications
  • Offer enterprise-grade VoIP quality, with industry-proven Alcatel-Lucent communication platforms
  • Maintain low capital and operational expensewith no necessity of additional IT infrastructure or network administration