Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise APIs for OmniPCX platforms


The Contact Center Telephony Integration API, based on Contact Center Agent (CCA), provides a set of high-level development tools for the integration of business applications in a desktop contact center. Functions include:

  • OLE Server – CCA features an OLE server that allows other applications to use CCA information or execute telephony functions
  • DDE Interface – A Dynamic Data Exchange interface allows applications to receive notification of any telephony event and to control telephony function
  • Support of Visual Basic scripting – enables users to write scripts controlling events, properties and methods of OLE objects


  • Provides historical data on Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) for:
  • Includes an OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) server, enabling external applications to use CCA to provide information or to execute telephony functions (triggered by telephony events such as an incoming call)
  • Includes DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange), enabling Windows applications to receive telephony events and control telephony functions, along with specific call-related information
  • Includes Visual Basic scripting to control events, properties and methods of CCA OLE objects (and also ActiveX controls)


  • Seamless integration with leading CRM solutions
  • Empowers contact center agent by providing access to critical information